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Two-person CPR

Two-Person CPR Pronunciation: Two-Person C-P-R (ˈtü-ˈpər-sən sē-pē-är)

Definition: Two-person CPR is a method of performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation where two rescuers work together to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the CPR. One rescuer performs chest compressions while the other gives rescue breaths.

What is Two-Person CPR?


Two-person CPR allows for the workload of performing CPR to be shared between two rescuers, which can lead to increased effectiveness of the CPR and reduce fatigue in the rescuers.

Key Facts about Two-Person CPR:

  • Two-person CPR is especially beneficial during prolonged resuscitation attempts, as it can reduce rescuer fatigue.
  • It allows for more efficient delivery of chest compressions and rescue breaths, potentially improving the victim’s chance of survival.
  • Regular switching between the two roles, usually every 2 minutes, is recommended to maintain high-quality CPR.

Two-Person CPR in Medical Practice

How to perform Two-Person CPR?

Two-person CPR is performed as follows:

  • Rescuer 1 begins with chest compressions. They should perform compressions at a rate of 100-120 per minute.
  • Rescuer 2 provides rescue breaths after every 30 compressions. To do this, they tilt the victim’s head back to open the airway, pinch the nose shut, and give 2 breaths into the mouth.
  • The rescuers switch roles every 2 minutes to avoid fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Two-Person CPR

Why is Two-Person CPR beneficial?

Two-person CPR is beneficial because it reduces fatigue in rescuers, which can degrade the quality of chest compressions over time. It also ensures that the victim receives a sufficient number of both compressions and rescue breaths.

When is Two-Person CPR used?

Two-person CPR is typically used in healthcare and emergency settings where more than one trained rescuer is present. It can also be used during community emergencies if there are multiple trained bystanders.


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