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Resuscitation Mask

Resuscitation Mask Pronunciation: Re-sus-ci-ta-tion Mask (ri-ˌsəs-i-ˈtā-shən mask)

Definition: A resuscitation mask, also known as a CPR mask or pocket mask, is a device used to safely deliver rescue breaths during a cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest. The mask covers the nose and mouth, ensuring a high concentration of oxygen to the patient, and prevents direct contact with the patient’s mouth, nose, and face.

What is a Resuscitation Mask?


Resuscitation masks are essential tools for anyone trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). These masks create a seal on the patient’s face to effectively deliver breaths to a person who is not breathing adequately. They also serve to protect the rescuer from potential infectious transmission.

Key Facts about Resuscitation Masks:

  • Resuscitation masks are often included in first aid kits and are used by both medical professionals and trained laypeople during CPR.
  • The masks are usually made of plastic materials and are designed to create a seal around the nose and mouth area.
  • They contain a one-way valve and filter that prevent the rescuer’s exhaled air from reaching the patient, and protect the rescuer from the patient’s exhaled air and bodily fluids.
  • Many masks come with a supplemental oxygen inlet, allowing for high-concentration oxygen to be delivered if available.
  • Proper training in the use of resuscitation masks is important to ensure effective rescue breaths are provided during a resuscitation attempt.

Using a Resuscitation Mask

How to use a Resuscitation Mask?

The use of a resuscitation mask involves the following steps:

  • Position the mask over the patient’s nose and mouth.
  • Create a seal by pressing the mask down onto the face.
  • Deliver breaths through the one-way valve, watching for the patient’s chest to rise and fall with each breath.

Frequently Asked Questions About Resuscitation Masks

When should a Resuscitation Mask be used?

A resuscitation mask should be used whenever rescue breaths are indicated, such as during a cardiac or respiratory arrest. It can be used by professionals and laypersons trained in its use.

Can anyone use a Resuscitation Mask?

Yes, a resuscitation mask can be used by anyone who is trained in CPR. However, proper training is crucial to ensure that the mask is used effectively and safely.


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