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CPR Instructor Jobs in Tucson, AZ! Help Save Lives

  • Professional Opportunities

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Additional Income

Start Your CPR Career Today!

Interested in CPR instructor jobs? We are always looking for qualified and competent Tucson AHA BLS instructors who are as passionate about teaching life-saving CPR skills to others as we are.

If you or someone you know falls under this category and you own your own set of equipment, send us your info along with a description of what you are looking for in terms of a CPR career.

Please include your current work schedule and our staff will quickly get back to you regarding the next steps. Thank you for showing interest and we hope to talk with you soon!

CPR Instructor Job Qualifications

  • Current AHA BLS Instructor, Red Cross CPR Instructor, ASHI Instructor, or any combination with experience teaching BLS CPR classes
  • Ability to teach in front of small groups to medium to large size groups (anywhere from 5 to 8 people)
  • Friendly and outgoing attitude to maintain a fun feel in class
  • Strong time management skills
  • Ability to travel to businesses who require large onsite training

Payment Terms

  • CPR Certification Tucson affiliated instructors are compensated very handsomely for conducting a great and thorough class for the students

Janet Cumberbatch – Instructor In Tucson

“Being a CPR Instructor in the Tucson location has never been more fulfilling! I love that I am able to work on certain days, and have the flexibility and freedom to instruct classes!”

Frequently Asked Questions About Being a CPR Instructor

What are the requirements to be a CPR Instructor?

CPR Instructors are required to hold up-to-date CPR certifications in order to teach others CPR. Additionally, they must earn a provider card for any classes they plan to instruct.

What are the responsibilities of a CPR Instructor?

The responsibilities of a CPR instructor are to organize classes, prepare all materials, teach the class and to ensure students understand the material while being able to properly preform CPR

How much do CPR Instructors make?

CPR Instructors make $22-$30 per hour on average throughout the united states depending on the location, the type of class and the type of certification they are teaching